The Principles

Sapoon is a natural cosmetic soaps manufacturing company with modern standards with adherence to the values and concepts that originate from the natural style of life and the respect for the environment.

Our world outlook stems from our growing need to contribute with responsibility and creative flair to the promotion of the value of natural goods by rejecting any involvement of chemicals and processing. In Sapoon, our objective and choice is to contribute by the implementation of the cold saponification process in a sustainable development plan, essentially eliminating the negative effects on the ecosystem, contrary to large industrial processes of high temperature saponification. This is an option that sets as primary objective the protection of the environment and also, the human factor that lives, acts and gets inspired in it harmoniously.

The ecologically consistent and responsible manufacturing process of Sapoon is our commitment to all of you that your choices are always made in terms of quality, by examining both the production process and the final result in the product.

The Values

Having studied the past and having documented the most of the lore about the potential offered by nature to promote the advantage of the Mediterranean climate and the products of the Greek land and eventually evolving them using our knowledge on creating exceptional combinations of cosmetic natural soaps. Our devotion to tradition comes across with both the development of quality standards and also, with a novel and aesthetically special presentation as part of the design.

The demanded levels of professionalism combined with the fast rhythm of modern life especially in cities shrink our personal time resulting in significant and usually invisible at first stage problems. Neglecting our daily personal care can cause pronounced signs of skin diseases over time, for example eczema or xerodermia that will force us to follow intense pharmaceutical treatments.

In Sapoon we are mainly focused on prevention rather than treatment. We strongly believe that with regular care and proper cleaning of our skin using appropriate natural products we can achieve the required daily hygiene to support our body’s euphoria and also its immune shield.

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