"Three chemical engineers and an artist is the base for our qualitative and elegant cosmetic products"

Based on our dream for an exemplary company that will adorn and levitate our premium quality cosmetic soaps, we crossed the path of professional training and in 2016 we achieved the full operation of a professional and modern production specifications laboratory for the production of handmade natural cosmetic soap, without any chemical additives, following the method of cold saponification and long natural maturation, based on Greek virgin olive oil and high quality natural ingredients.

Main role in the project of Sapoon has played our love for the natural lifestyle and the recognition of all the advantages of natural soap over the industrial soap, as a product of daily use and care. The aim of our group was to fully support, with creative mood, the high quality natural soap production and the artistic and elegant handmade packaging. These were the basic peculiarities behind the concept of Sapoon. A combination of values with dedication to handmade creation that is consistent with the style and quality of the soap that also highlights it.

From the pleasure of creation and share products with pure and natural ingredients with our closest people, we realized that there are many people who are looking to learn about and try our natural cosmetic soaps, with trust and admiration for something so qualitative. Based on the interest shown by a rapidly growing community, we decided to set up the appropriate operation infrastructure to be able to offer with responsibility, expertise and inspiration our creations to everyone.

We could not skip the significance of multiculturalism on the conception of Sapoon, since many characteristics of our production are dynamically linked to the global culture of beauty and hygiene.

“Cause best things in life are not random”

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