The certified, high quality Greek natural ingredients of our soaps, with emphasis on the organic virgin olive oil, are wisely blended with unique and precious cosmetic and essential oils to make Sapoon soaps a luxury products that only nature can guarantee.

Sapoon soaps are produced in our high specifications laboratory, without being thermally treated, and mature physically for long until they are fully compatible with our skin and the environment.

They do not contain any chemical additives (Parabens and SLS), foaming agents, artificial colors or fragrances and they are designed to let your skin free to “breathe”. Furthermore our soaps act as a means of prevention against skin sensitivities caused by chronic use of industrial soaps and cosmetics.

Each soap bar is unique for each one of us. It is packed in an unusual handmade way of outstanding aesthetic and design, similar to that you will experience when using a Sapoon soap.

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