Greenhouse gases can trap solar radiation inside the Earth’s atmosphere and thus increase its temperature. These gases are produced naturally and they are responsible for the comfortable average temperature on our planet, ~15oC, but they are also emitted in significant amounts during human activities, like power generation and transportation, where fossil fuels are used[1].

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most massively produced anthropogenic greenhouse gas, around 40 billion tons in 2014[2]. It is endorsed by the majority of the scientific community that emitted CO2 contributes significantly to the recorded increase in the Earth’s average temperature and the witnessed climate change. Environmentalists warn that immediate actions for CO2 emissions mitigation are required in industrial operations, transportations and other energy consuming processes in order to achieve a rise in Earth’s average temperature less than 2oC by 2050[3].

Sapoon and Environment

Sapoon is a company with very high concern and sensitivity to global warming and environment protection. In Sapoon we strongly believe and support the idea of sustainable development, where economic growth and environment protection peacefully co-exist. Our premium handmade cosmetic soaps are produced via the traditional cold saponification method, where energy consumption is minimal. Thus, we manage to maintain our CO2 emissions below 2 grams per soap bar, accounting for the energy mixture in Greece[4]. On the contrary, ~400% more CO2 is emitted by high temperature saponification method.

fainomeno thermokipiou

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