The scope and main priority of Sαpoon is the successful implementation of the traditional saponification method in its state of the art laboratory. This is our pathway to ensure our products’ distinguishing quality and our customers’ valuable satisfaction.

soap laboratory

Sapoon’s laboratory is an appropriately structured space in accordance with the European Union regulations on cosmetics production and packaging. The technical and structural design of the laboratory complies with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for cosmetics production. GMP ensures production process quality, care for the environment and hygiene & safety in the workplace. Using the already proven processes for production, control and packaging we eliminate any possible defects or contamination in our products.

Soap Laboratory

Sapoon assures the production of outstanding natural cosmetic soaps that meet the requirements of even our most demanding and conscious customers. This is achieved by performing regular and detailed quality control analyses of the certified natural raw materials and of the semi-ready and ready soap product, by using specialized equipment in the production line made of non-absorbing materials, and by creating an appropriate maturation roomsoap laboratorywhere humidity, temperature and luminosity are controlled. In parallel, high safety measures are also maintained for the well-being of our experienced and well trained employees.

Procedures and practices to avoid polluting the environment are met at all stages of the production process; the most characteristic one is the capture and storage of the recyclable residual oils during production equipment cleaning. It is worth noting that the cold saponification method is characterized by almost full conversion and utilization of raw materials, which significantly mitigates the burden on the waste treatment.

In our specially designed showroom inside our laboratory one can see and try our products. We invite you to discuss about the unique properties, the best way of use and the benefits of natural soaps by cold saponification in skin care, nourishment and hydration.

Upon request, our laboratory is available for visit, information and discussions, or for an on-site attendance of the production process or even to produce together your own pure, natural and cosmetic soap. We also accept small students or other groups.

For more information please contact us in:
Tel: +30.210-4835226
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: Ag. Saranta 29, Moschato, GR-18346, Attica, Greece
Google maps: Sapoon-Google Maps

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