Pocket Soaps for Her

Three pocket soaps selected for a woman in an elegant and luxurious wooden box

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The following three Pocket soaps are included:

  • Chocolate - Caramel (exfoliation & moisturization)
  • Pomegranate (Facial cleansing – dry skin)
  • Jasmine – Silk (intense hydration)

*For the beneficial properties of the mentioned soaps, please refer to the “Pocket soaps” or “Precious Handmade Collection” links under the corresponding soap description.


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12x 6.2x 6.5 cm (wooden box dimensions)
50-55gr each soap
4,2x6x2cm (each soap)
2-4 months
  • Sapoon soaps are environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable, without any artificial foaming agents or colorants or preservatives.
  • All Sapoon soaps contain rosemary extract as antioxidant.
  • Consumers should carefully check all the ingredients listed on the packaging for specific cases of allergic reaction to any essential oil.

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