Travel with a Pocket Soap… small size natural cosmetic soaps ideal for your trips

Precious Pocket Soaps

Precious Pocket Soaps

Beeswax - Propolis

Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action

Price: 3.3 €
Rose - Argan oil

Ideal for mature and dry skins

Price: 3.5 €
Saffron - Black pepper

Beneficial action in acne cases

Price: 3.5 €

Suitable for facial cleansing, excellent hydration

Price: 3.5 €
Mastic - Silk

With antiseptic and hydrating properties

Price: 3.5 €
Jasmine - Silk

Stimulant and softening with silky texture

Price: 3.2 €
Virgin olive oil

With strong hydrating action

Price: 2.4 €
Yogurt - Oats

Antiseptic properties for sensitive skin

Price: 3.2 €
Calendula - Chamomile

For severe dry skin

Price: 2.6 €
Laurel - Nettle - Rosemary

A stimulant soap for hair

Price: 3.2 €
Chocolate - Goat Milk

Exfoliating and nourishing for the skin

Price: 3 €
Sea salt . Loofah

Suitable for exfoliation and skin tightening

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