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Sapoon Natural Cosmetics

luxury soap

Luxury Collection

A luxurious package with an elaborate design, ideal for hotel spa resorts, beauty salons and cosmetics stores

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Cosmetic Green Oils

Ideal for skin nourishment, hydration and reconstruction in three unique recipes

soap gifts

Unique Sets

Unique combinations of Luxury Cosmetic Soaps and Cosmetic Green Oils for an holistic natural skincare in a special gift package



Unique accessories of high quality and exceptional design for your favorite products

precious pocket soaps

Precious Pocket Soaps

Travel with a Pocket Soap… small size natural cosmetic soaps ideal for your trips

soap gifts

Luxurius pocket soaps

A luxurious biodegradable package from Sαpoon, ideal for hotel spa resorts, beauty salons and cosmetics stores

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Accredited laboratory by the National Drugs Administration (ΕΟΦ), license No. SAPOON IKE: 96103/21-12-2016

Sapoon Soaps for you...

  • Compatible with sensitive skin, dermatologically tested by QACS Ltd

  • Balanced combination of a plethora of herbal cosmetic oils that enhance the beneficial and hydrating properties of a special soap even for the most dry and sensitive skins.

  • Revitalize your skin, without chemical additives, foaming agents, artificial colors and fragrances.

  • Prevent of skin sensitivities caused by long use of industrial cosmetics.

  • High aesthetics and unique handmade packaging, ideal for outstanding gifts.

  • With organic cold pressed virgin olive oil and the finest ingredients of the Greek land.

  • Maintain proper safety and sanitary conditions of the product in a modern laboratory specially designed for cosmetics.

  • Room temperature production and long natural maturation, there are no production waste and all packaging materials are recyclable.

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Sea salt . Loofah

Suitable for exfoliation and skin tightening

Chocolate - Goat Milk

Exfoliating and nourishing for the skin

Laurel - Nettle - Rosemary

A stimulant soap for hair

Calendula - Chamomile

For severe dry skin

Yogurt - Oats

Antiseptic properties for sensitive skin

Virgin olive oil

With strong hydrating action

Jasmine - Silk

Stimulant and softening with silky texture

Mastic - Silk

With antiseptic and hydrating properties


Suitable for facial cleansing, excellent hydration

Saffron - Black pepper

Beneficial action in acne cases

Rose - Argan oil

Ideal for mature and dry skins

Beeswax - Propolis

Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action

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We send our soap in the whole world

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Our Laboratory

The scope and main priority of Sαpoon is the successful implementation of the deep-rooted Greek traditional saponification method in its state of the art laboratory. This is our pathway to ensure our products’ distinguishing quality and our customers’ valuable satisfaction.


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